New Services and Funding Announcement!!!

    Dear Friends of The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic,

    We are thrilled to announce that we have received federal funding to expand the services we offer to people who have experienced sexual violence.  With this new funding, we are also expanding our mandate to more openly include victims of human trafficking.  While we have always included victims of human trafficking, we are now naming it as one of our areas of focus.

    The men of ManTalk have put the issue of male sexual victimization on the provincial map.  They have long been underserved and we could not accept new funding without offering these champions something new.  As we have typically had many visitors from areas of Nova Scotia outside of Halifax Regional Municipality, we decided to make our services more accessible for these folks.  ManTalk 2.0 will be available to long time group members and new.  It will be a version of ManTalk offered online using video conferencing.  Interested new members will still be required to complete an intake with our staff (we can arrange these online as well).  The group will run on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings of each month, effectively making ManTalk a four-times-monthly service from now on (we plan to take the fifth Wednesdays off to rest and regroup).   ManTalk 2.0 will primarily be facilitated by our Clinic Manager, James Owen Dubé.

    Another piece of the expanded work will be individual services for people of all genders who have decided, are trying to decide, or have recently began or completed legal proceedings against their perpetrators.  Our focus will remain on male-identified individuals, but as always, we will not turn people away based on gender.  We have become known as a safe space for Queer and Trans individuals and we intend to continue this tradition.  The individual services will be specific to people who have experienced sexual violence or human trafficking.  They will be offered using a structural, case management approach and may include referrals to health or mental health services, legal advice programmes, family resource centres or other support services.  Case management typically involves advocacy and securing other resources as well.  Though we offer therapy, we also provide services that extend beyond the single hour counselling session.  These services will be offered by our Executive Director, Robert S. Wright, our Clinic Manager, James Owen Dubé, and our interns. 

    While there will be more formal announcements and promotional materials generated soon, we thought we would send out the word that male-identified victims are officially on the federal radar!  Our new services will be available very soon.  Interested people can contact us via the usual means.  We even have some plans to assist people with technology.  So do not let yourself be excluded. 

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    -Robert and James       



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