Societies and communities where all peoples enjoy equitable access to mental health and social services.  




We strive to create services that are safe, accessible, inclusive, supportive, and relevant.




Here are some more details about our credentials:


Robert Wright CV

Robert Wright NSCSW Registration

Robert Wright BSW

Robert Wright MSW


James Dubé CV

James Dubé NSCSW Registration

James Dubé BSc

James Dubé BSW

James Dubé MSW


Kim Gowan CV

Kim Gowan RCT-c Membership

Kim Gowan MACP

Kim Gowan Bsc.

Kim Gowan Dip. Counselling


JJ Wilson CV

JJ Wilson NSCSW Registration

JJ Wilson BSW

JJ Wilson MSW


Julian Manthorne CV

Julian Manthorne RCT-c Membership

Julian Manthorne MACP

Julian Manthorne BA