Inside Out Rack Card .png


These rack cards describe some ongoing projects we are working on:


  • ManTalk began in 2011 as a group  for male-identified individuals who have experienced sexual abuse.
  • Hey Men began in 2015 as a partnership with local universities to help men who show problematic sexual behaviour. 
  • Male Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence started as a series of meetings to discuss the issue in a way that honours services for women.
  • The Peoples' Counselling Clinic is always looking for ways to partner with allied agencies to help serve marginalized people.
  • ManTalk 2.0 was funded by the Federal Department of Justice and is one of our services offered to victims of sexualized violence and human trafficking. 
  • Inside Out was funded by the Federal Department of Justice and is offered to prevent family or other violence.

The men of ManTalk wrote this group purpose statement back in 2015:


"We are men who share the experience of having been sexually abused.  We come to ManTalk to seek healing from the sexual trauma that we have suffered and to rebuild the areas of our lives that have been broken.  We come to ManTalk to break the silence that surrounds us and to serve as reminders to each other and to other men that healing is possible and does happen!"