Approaching the two year mark!

    Dear friends of the Clinic;

    The Peoples' Counselling Clinic has built a solid foundation as a counselling agency serving multi-problemed individuals.  This broad mandate, we feel, is necessary to serve the majority of people who access health and social services.  We maintain that fitting people into pre-packaged programs does little to help. 

    So what does the Peoples' Clinic do?  We have found our niche to be in forensic mental health practice and trauma.  We offer ManTalk, a group for male-identified individuals who have experienced sexual violence.  We also conduct our Hey Men work for men who show problematic sexual behaviour, including views on sex and gender which are toxic.  We also work with post-adjudicated sex offenders.  

    Our forensic work in intimate partner violence, has largely developed through our partnership with the Halifax Domestic Violence Court Programme.  We have a unique approach to blending criminal Justice and community practice ideologies which has made us a welcomed service in this setting.  As a result of this work, we are beginning to see an increase in referrals from allied Justice agencies, such as probation, community Justice, and corrections.  Another group of similar clients we see are adults who were raised in care or who suffered severe disruptions in attachment, or have experienced trauma and loss as children. 

    Many of the people we serve have problems which fall somewhere on the lower end of the continuum of offending or problematic behaviours.  These referrals are our priority, and will be served by our interns.  Referrals from Justice where there are more complex forensic or mental health needs will be served by our clinic manager and executive director, two forensic clinicians who have demonstrated relevant competencies for work in this branch of the field.  



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