• Our Executive Director on Global News...

    Here is a news story featuring our new pilot with the Office of Addictions and Mental Health: https://globalnews.ca/video/10416455/clinic-sees-funding-boost-amid-demand-for-service/


  • We're launching a new pilot!!!

    ADDICTIONS/MENTAL HEALTH--More Mental Health Supports for Marginalized, Underserved Nova Scotians
    A Halifax clinic is expanding to meet the growing demand for mental health and addictions services.

    The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic offers marginalized and underserved communities free mental health counselling, individual and group therapy and assessments.

    “Community-based organizations like this one play an important role in delivering much-needed mental health services to Nova Scotians,” said Brian Comer, Minister of Addictions and Mental Health. “The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic is doing great work already, and additional government funding will help them do more of it. This kind of partnership is an important part of our work to implement universal mental health and addictions care in Nova Scotia.”

    A one-time grant of $425,000 from the Office of Addictions and Mental Health (OAMH) will be used to add two new full-time staff to the team and offer more services to more people. As part of the funding agreement, the clinic will pilot the use of service codes by a community-based organization as part of an insured service program.

    The low-barrier, culturally competent and 2SLGBTQIA+ friendly clinic provides services to people with multiple challenges whose needs are currently underserved by other systems and programs. No appointment or referral is necessary.

    The clinic offers counselling in areas including:
    - complex trauma stemming from severe abuse, neglect, racial violence and other adverse childhood experiences
    - patterns of abuse in relationships, including counselling for people involved in criminal justice proceedings
    - attachment and development
    - sexual behaviour problems
    - the use of violence in relationships
    - sexual and intimate partner victimization
    - complex and intersecting mental health, substance use, addiction and social challenges.

    OAMH provides one-time and multi-year grants to community-based organizations to support mental health and wellness across Nova Scotia, including services, supports and initiatives to prevent and reduce the risk of suicide.

    “What a great opportunity to help shape the future of mental health service delivery in Nova Scotia. Staff and students at The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic are ideally situated to inform policy in ways that prioritize marginalized and underserved groups. Universal access cannot mean one size fits all and we are committed to that shining through in this pilot.”
    — James Owen Dubé, Executive Director, The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic

    Quick Facts:
    - The Peoples’ Counselling Clinic runs a teaching clinic with university students from social work and counselling programs
    - OAMH provided $4.9 million in one-time grants in the 2023-24 fiscal year
    - OAMH currently funds 22 multi-year grants and service level agreements for community-based organizations totaling more than $15.6 million

    Additional Resources:
    The Peoples' Counselling Clinic: http://www.thepeoplescounsellingclinic.ca/

    For non-crisis support, people needing treatment and care for mental health and addictions can contact the mental health and addictions intake service at 1-855-922-1122 to be matched with appropriate services

    Programs and supports for mental health, wellness and addictions: https://novascotia.ca/mental-health-and-wellbeing/

    Action for Health, the government’s plan to improve healthcare: https://actionforhealth.novascotia.ca


  • The Clinic Featured on City News with Todd Veinotte

    Our clinic manager spoke on the Todd Veinotte show on July 6 at 10am.  Here is the recording.


  • ManTalk and The Peoples' Clinic featured in the Toronto Star

    Michael Tutton wrote this article featuring ManTalk and other programmes offered by the clinic.


  • Farewell Catherine...

    We are sad to see Catherine Phinney move on from the clinic.  She has been a great addition to the team here and we wish her all the best.  No doubt she will continue to do great work in the larger community.


  • CBC News highlighted the clinic's work with men who use violence.

    Here is a link to the article by Gareth Hampshire.  It highlights the complexities of working with people who are dually victims and perpetrators of violence.  We were also featured on radio and television.


  • New Article by Robert and James

    Our director and manager wrote an OPED for the Chronicle Herald on the idea of universal mental health care in the province.  Here is the link:



  • New article on Trauma!

    Our Executive Director and Clinic Manager published an article on pitfalls of clinical treatment of trauma in this issue of Connection Magazine:

    Social work & clinical treatment of trauma: A caution.


  • New Rack Card!!!

    Our rack card for Inside Out is ready!  Check it out here.